Join the Prepnation Network!

PrepNation Network is an online funding community for schools. We supply multiple ways to fund the extra-curricular activities and programs for your school that require extra dollars every year, such as sports, music and art.  

See what teachers and administrators are saying about Prepnation Network.Watch the video for an introduction to the Marketplace, one of the ways in which we channel dollars to your school when you participate. 


 Your booster club works with PrepNation to encourage anyone interested in your school: students, faculty, parents and grandparents, etc., to visit PrepNation's marketplace before you shop anywhere else, because finding what you need and want through us, gives your school dollars, and you don't have to do or pay anything extra to make that happen! 

We can also supply a donation option, and manage special funding events , and earmark proceeds to wherever your school needs it most. 

If you have not already joined this Community as a member, create an account with us. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to shop in the marketplace and get credit for the school for anything you purchase on-line.

If you are a school interested in having this program working for you,

Click Here -> PrepNation Network School Portal